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Best Charities to Donate To

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Donating to any charity is without a doubt an extremely gratifying feeling, but always be wary. Just because you are donating to a charitable cause, doesn’t always mean that the charity to which you are donating is ethically using your money. Good morals aren’t always a priority when it comes to certain charities if they don’t have their eye on what’s really important here: giving back. You also should consider that unfortunately there are scammers that will take advantage of a tragedy to steal your money.  The Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator and Charity Watch are all great resources when trying to find out which charities you should be donating to, and which you should be staying away from. Good news though, plenty of them are in fact looking to improve the world, and we don’t want those charities to go unnoticed. We put together a list of the top charities we believe truly pursue their cause and should have your support!

1. American Humane

(American Humane)

American Humane is focused on the health and safety of animals for over one hundred years.  They seek to help grow the bond between animals and people nationally, while also making sure they protect and serve any animals in need. They don’t just rescue/rehabilitate traditional house pets, they even have programs which help out all different types of wildlife. These programs help with ensuring the proper treatment of farm animals, animals used in productions, animals used in the military and animals placed in conservation centers of all sorts (American Humane).

2. ChildFund International


(ChildFund International)

Changing the world, one child at a time. Helping children all across the globe, ChildFund International has a mission to help out kids living in extreme poverty live a happy and healthy life. They believe that not only should they help children survive, but to thrive. When growing up, you typically want to have things surrounding you like loving caregivers, clean water, health care, nutrition, opportunity, protection and education to blossom into a successful adult. Unfortunately for 570 million children, this isn’t easily accessible. ChildFund is all about helping children be able to achieve this in their lifetime. ChildFund is now even accepting Bitcoin, making it easy for just about anyone to donate (ChildFund International)!

3. Mental Health America

(rawpixel, Pexels)

MHA was founded in 1909, and is still the leading non-profit community based charity all centered around mental health in the United States. They heavily promote their B4Stage4 philosophy, which presents the idea that people should be concentrating on treating mental health before they get to a critical phase of their life. Once somebody starts seeing signs of any sort of physical issue, they tend to address it as soon as they’re able to, but with mental health sometimes people fall short when acting on symptoms. They really focus on wanting to put an end to that unfortunately typical reaction. Their website is not only useful if you are curious about volunteering or donating, but it also features valuable information for anyone who is suffering or knows someone who is suffering from a mental illness (MHA).

4. The National Wildlife Federation


Protecting the planets natural resources is one of the most important topics and issues of this generation. The National Wildlife Federation fights to give wildlife a proper voice to be heard when it comes to the detrimental issues it’s facing in such a fast paced society. NWF works with restoring and maintaining habitats, lands and waters, conserving wildlife and addressing environmental threats. It is America’s oldest and largest conservation organization to date. They give you the option to donate or simply sign whichever petition you stand by. If you want to make a difference and you can’t donate, you still can be apart of the change! They even post about upcoming events for you to lend your helping hand to such a powerful cause (NWF).

5. Direct Relief

(Direct Relief)

Charity Navigator, a useful and free guide to help you decide on which charities to donate to, gave Direct Relief a perfect 100 overall score. The website rates thousands of charities, and less than one percent have earned a perfect 100. They also have appeared on their list of consecutive charities with 4 star ratings, and best charities to pick from (Charity Navigator). And that’s all just recognition from one website! With all of these awards and accomplishments, it just shows how ethical this charity is when breaking everything down piece by piece. Direct Relief’s mission is to help all types of people globally, with no specific standards being met. Some of the things that they do currently are giving doctors and nurses in underdeveloped communities necessary equipment and medicines, as well as helping out medically in emergency response situations. They have donated over 1.2 billion dollars in medical aid, as well as 15.4 million pounds of medicine and supplies worldwide (Direct Relief).

6. City of Hope

(City of Hope)

City of Hope helps you be apart of turning innovative ideas into powerful new treatments. They are an international charity based on compassion. City of Hope is home to discovering and improving treatments for serious diseases like cancer and diabetes. They make it a priority to strongly nurture their values; compassion, urgency, integrity, curiosity, excellence and collaboration. They have an extremely trustworthy and remarkable history, and are consistently putting forth the effort to continue savings lives (City of Hope).

Available at H & H Wholesale are CharityChoice gift cards. The card donates $25 to benefit a charity of your choosing.  All of the charities mentioned above are part of the list of possible causes for you to pick from, or you could even further your research and pick one of the other hundreds of charities they have to select from on their website.  After all, It is up to us to make a difference in the world!

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